Tips on Planning your Holiday to Jordan

Jordan is the perfect destination for a holiday that is straight out of the fairytales of the Arabian Nights. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the country’s proper name, and it is located in a part of the world that is acclaimed to be the cradle of civilization. Jordan has land boundaries with Syria in the North, Iraq in the North-East, Saudi Arabia in the East and the South and Israel in the West.

Places to Visit

The landscape here is marvelous, and visitors are in for a visual and cultural treat. The salt water lake in the Jordan Rift Valley is called the Dead Sea, and Jordan shares it with its Israeli neighbor. The list of places to visit in Jordan is long, and the Dead Sea is one of them. The kingdom has a temperate weather in the summer season and is cool and moist in the winter.

Jordan’s rich history, exotic landscape and fun entertainment resources make it an ideal holiday spot for all tourists. The country is spread over about 90000 sq kilometers of diverse landscape, and has plenty for vacationers to see and to do. Petra is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and is not to be missed. This historical site is a fine example of rock cut architecture, and dates back several centuries. Petra is also called the Rose City, due to the color of its stone, and has been featured in many films. The walk through the entrance or the Siq, to the ancient capital of the Nabataeans is fantastic. Being in Petra, in the midst of a landscape that is overwhelming is an experience of a lifetime.

In South Jordan, close to Aqaba, is another place of interest, the Wadi Rum, which literally means Valley of the Moon. It is spread over 700 sq kilometers and is Jordan’s largest valley. The rockscape of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is truly magnificent. The ancient sandstone and granite stone structures are the highlight of the desert safari. You can go rock climbing, touch the handwriting of the ancients on the rocks, and enjoy the desert on camelback or in a 4X4 vehicle. The Valley of the Moon can also be experienced from a hot air balloon or a microlight aircraft. It is also well-known as the base for Lawrence of Arabia’s Arab revolt, after the First World War. The region is mostly inhabited by Bedouins who are friendly but fairly conservative. Tourists are often requested to maintain decorum.

For some rest and relaxation, head out to one of the many luxury resorts by the Dead Sea and in Aqaba. Do remember to take home some wonderful Dead Sea skin care products. If you enjoy nature, then plan a jaunt to the Dana Biosphere Reserve. This is Jordan’s largest natural reserve, and offers guests the unique opportunity to experience the four geographical zones in the country, Mediterranean, Sudanian, Irano-Turanian and Saharo-Arabian. This also means that you will get to see a wide range of flora as well as fauna.

The capital of Jordan, Amman is also its leading city. The city is the seat of political and commercial power. Amman offers its visitors and residents quality entertainment at its numerous nightclubs and taverns. Millions of vacationers visit Jordan every year. Many of these are guests who return to Jordan for yet another fantastic holiday.

The Jordanian monarch appoints the government of the country. The tourism sector contributes about 12% of Jordan’s Gross National Product, and is crucial to its development and progress. The Arab nation has a well planned transportation system that connects it to its neighbors and the rest of the world. The country has two international airports at its capital, Amman, and one at Aqaba. Sanitation, hygiene and health are some key issues that the government pays special emphasis too.

In the last few years, Jordan has emerged as the top preference for tourists with varying interests, including students, historians and people looking for a few days fun and frolic in a beautiful location. Medical tourism has shot to prominence in the last few years, and the country has become one of the top choices for the same.

Jordan is a terrific vacation spot for everyone. The country is enjoyed enormously by families, couples and by visitors who are travelling alone. Jordan offers guests plenty to see and experience, and one trip is usually not enough. This is also why holidayers like to come back to Jordan. visit homepage

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